Our Story

NUS is a full service architecture and interior design firm based in Panama City, Panama.

Founded in 2010 by Jean Paul Moreno Architect, we are a small and handcraft oriented studio specialized in bioclimatic design and low energy design.    JP Moreno has more than 15 years of research experience in all environmental and energy issues that are related to architecture and urban planning.   We aim to work with climate as an alley in every project in order to satisfy our client's needs but also with respect to the environment and natural resources.

We also work with building systems based on environmental sustainability considerations:

Reuse   |    Recycling    |    Flexibility    |    Easy Repair    |    Durability

Benefits of environmental sustainability in architecture:

  • It reduces energy consumption, pollution and devastation of non-renewable natural resources through architectural design
  • Environmental comfort: more natural light and better indoor climate
  • Eliminates negative impacts on human health
  • Better relationship with the natural environment.

Our Team

Our core design team works in partnership with technical offices that help us bring simple but sometimes sophisticated design solutions to completion, from structural engineers, MEP design team, renewable energy engineers and qualified contractors.

Director:  Jean Paul Moreno

Design Team:

Architecture and Interior Design:  J.P. Moreno / Atena Samanamu  / Daniela Coronel / Kathy Borges

Management:  Kathy Moreno

Collaborators:  Alfredo J. Martiz, Gus Mendoza, Mónica Pastor, Vicente Pérez, Anna Szmirnov


Jean Paul Moreno
Architect (University of Panama, 1998).
Master in "Urban Environment and Sustainability" (Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, 2000). Aspiring PhD in Energy and Environment in Architecture (School of Architecture of Barcelona, Department of Architectural Technology I). During 8 years worked in various architectural firms in Barcelona , developing a diversity projects and ideas competitions with firms such as Archikubik.
He co-founded Rizoma Studio, workshop dedicated to interior design projects in Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands. The same year developed the winning proposal in the competition for the design of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Panama Viejo. In 2008 he moved to Panama City and became local architect for Lacroze, Miguens & Prati (New York-Buenos Aires), working in hospitality and housing projects in Panama and abroad. He has published several articles and his projects have been awarded in international competitions.
Founder and Director at New Unbranded Studio since 2010.


Consultants and Partners:

Structural Design:      A, B, C & G Ingeniería/  Frank L. Lee Eng.

MEP consultants:   AN Ingenieros /  ITESA

Environmental engineering:    Iuri Herzfeld, Ph.D.  /  Carlos Mora Eng.

Sustainable food producing systems:  IGrow-Si Sustainabilitywww.igrow-si.com